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L2 Vest

L2 Vest

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Cropped space-inspired vest with technical details. Removable chest patch with embroidered patch and hidden pockets. Heavy zipper and 3D cargo pockets at front and back with tonal embroidery. Full body lining inside. 

About Waxed cotton — the original performance fabric — is cotton which has been treated with a wax coating to produce a fabric which has water repellent properties. These waxes can be made from a number of sources — from paraffin and petroleum to natural waxes and innovative hybrid blends.

Waxes and oils are naturally occurring substances found in leaves, bean/seed coverings, animal furs and feathers. It is nature's protection against the elements.

Waxed garments can be regularly reproofed to maintain performance for many years, making them uniquely sustainable. Many synthetic man-made fabrics end up in landfill once performance levels cannot be maintained through delamination.

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